Krkonoše, or Giant Mountains, are just a short drive from Prague. Lots of opportunites to take a long walk or go skiing.

Hundred years ago it also was a great place for textile factories and paper mills. Altough those days are long gone, there is still hope for a brighter future.

Back to Bornholm

No, you can't really step twice into the same river. But you can explore the different facets that just cannot be seen at a first glimpse.

The Baltic island seemed even more beautiful than last year. And the food!


Two pre-Christmas days in Stockholm. One of them in freezing rain that very slowly turned into snow, the other one completely white.

The Old Town. The photography gallery in what used to be a port customs building. Södermalm. Moving displays at the NK department store. Skansen.

Also glögg, lussekatter and coffee, lots of coffee.